I'm issuing a challenge. It's not much of a challenge at this point, I'm afraid, but I'm issuing it nonetheless. If you'd asked me on Friday when this site launched whether I thought we'd make it to our goal by the day of Mark's Celebration of Life, I'd have said it was a long-shot. But at this rate, we could make it by breakfast.

Over the weekend, friends of Mark and Elizabeth, and people who never met either of them, have donated nearly $2,000. We are 2/3 of the way to funding funding Mark's Bench. Way to go, people. With every donation, you make my heart soar.

So yeah, that's my challenge. Let's push the Bench-O-Meter over the top before Saturday so we can announce at the celebration that Elizabeth's wish has been granted by the people who love her and Mark.

$3K by Saturday! Pass it on!

3/21/2012 01:22:16 pm

$50 donation is now completed. (Didn't have time this morning.)

3/21/2012 01:41:55 pm

Thanks, John!


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