Here's to you, Mark.
Mark and Elizabeth's friends (and friends of friends) are donating at an astounding rate. Yesterday we hit the $1,000 milestone in less than 24 hours, and today we blew past the halfway point. As I write this, the Bench-O-Meter is at $1,660.

Don't get me wrong: I knew we would do this. I had no doubt. I just didn't know how quickly people would rise to the occasion. I posted this site on a Friday and I expected to see some donations, sure, but I didn't hope to see any real action until after the weekend. Silly me.

I've received permission to share the following messages from donors (in addition to those posted previously):

What a wonderful thing! I hope there's a picnic/walk/celebration on the day it's installed. Thank you, Marti and Shelly, for making it happen. ~Astrid Bear

You will never be forgotten. ~Amy Wolf

What a wonderful way to remember Mark. And it will let so many people know how much he meant to his friends and family. ~K. W. & Geri Jeter

Dear Elizabeth: I welcome the chance to help others share Mark's point of view. Love, Janet F-D

Dean and I will miss Mark. In no way does this or any memorial replace him, but at least it will give people the kind of enjoyment that Mark himself tried to bring into any situation. (If only a bench could crack a really good joke...) Hugs to everyone, Kris (&Dean)

Mark was an inspiration and a gift to the world. ~Todd McCaffrey

I couldn't have said it better.

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